MIKEXWORLD is a content vertical that combines video and editorial content aimed at the ultimate sport biker audience, ages 18-45, who live, breathe and consume the lifestyle on a daily basis. An authentic daily mixtape of sport bike Fashion, Music, Safety and underground sport bike Culture, With programs built around long list of industry influencers with significant social media reach and editorial content that explores the worlds most important to the audience that continually defines and redefines its priorities and obsessions. MIKEXWORLD is the future of online brand extension in this space.


A lifelong motor and car enthusiast, developed a love for speed and adrenaline from a young age. Riding his beloved motorcycle, he feels at home on the open roads, cherishing the wind on his face and the power beneath him. When not riding, he enjoys working on his vehicles, fine-tuning them for the ultimate performance. Mike’s adventurous spirit leads him to seek new roads and thrilling experiences, making motorcycling more than just a hobby but a fulfilling lifestyle. His passion for speed and unwavering love for motorcycles inspire others to embrace their own passions and live life to the fullest.


The Agusta F3 is a visually striking motorcycle with a unique 3-cylinder engine. As a symbol of innovation and performance, the Agusta F3 leaves a lasting impression on all who experience its power and style.

MV Agusta is an iconic brand in the motorcycling world, known for its rich heritage, timeless designs, and high-performance machines. Its motorcycles continue to be revered as symbols of passion and craftsmanship, making MV Agusta a true icon in the motorcycling community.